Root & Tail Farm

We aim to give our animals the best life possible. Our mission is "Only one bad day". This means open pastures, 100% organic feed, and a whole lot of love. 

Nubian goats, Ossabaw Island x Gloucester Old Spot Pigs, and a colorful mixture of heritage breed chickens. All on fresh pasture, rotated regularly throughout the farm to mimic their natural environment and to increase their daily well-being. We follow Animal Welfare Approved regulations to ensure the highest quality and happiest livestock! 

Our vegetables are grown with all organic methods, and doing our best to keep a closed loop system that ensures our environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 

Please contact us to learn how to get our eggs, whole chickens, and fresh vegetables at a farmers market, or delivered right to your door!  

Heirloom Produce & Heritage Protein

Welcome to the Farm